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Shoes, Pedals and Cleats

Cycling shoes have rigid soles to maximise power transfer and effeciency, and are designed to work with clipless pedals. Clipless refers to a locking mechanism that has replaced toe clips (cages).

Clipless pedals require a special 
cycling shoe with a cleat fitted to the sole, which locks into a mechanism in the pedal and holds the shoe firmly to the pedal. Most clipless pedals lock onto the cleat when stepped on firmly and unlock when the heel is twisted outward. 

Cycling shoes may be specific to road or mountain biking, or recreation. Shoes designed for mountain biking typically have recessed cleats that do not protrude beyond the sole of the shoe, and have treads for walking on trails. Road cycling shoes are typically lighter than their mountain bike counterparts, and feature a protruding cleat. This gives them a wider base and will allow greater power transfer through the shoes.

SPD cleats are small and are fitted in a recess in the sole of a cycling shoe, making it possible to walk. They are generally suited to mountain biking and recreation/commuting.

SPD SL cleats are fitted to the shoe and protrude from the sole. The are designed for road cyclists or anyone riding for long periods of time.